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The run

I have the body of a sprinter, but always ran long distance. My wind would stabilize, my muscles would synchronize, my mind would about mile 2.5 and just improve after that.

For decades I ran. My high school P. E. teacher, Ms. Vidano, instilled the love of the run, and it remains to this day, long past when I should endeavor to tread the roads for miles and miles.

The run sustained me after my (very early life) divorce.

The run helped reconnect with a childhood friend, who had ventured far for college but returned for work, and who found me enjoying a post-work cigarette and glass of wine on my balcony one night and said, 'Oh, no, this isn't right. Put that fucking thing out. I'll be here in the morning. We're going shopping, and we're going running.'

Loved that. He was right, and he was awesome, and he got me back out of a trench and into my running love zone.

Then I met my now love, my man of many years, father of my children, partner in all thing…
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Really, just don't be an asshole

So I got a Kindle, and I read a LOT. It's convenient, easy for my aging eyes to read, and thanks to my friend Lisa, I am part of a fun book 'club' that sends daily deals and provides fun reading ideas. I am in a club... and it's been great so far. I can now carry oodles of options (I have about 25 books loaded right now) so no matter what mood I might find myself in, I can indulge. Full disclosure, I am a totally sucker for FREE books, so my collection may not be up to the 100 books everyone should read before they die expectation, but there you have it. Amazon gets me...and FREE is good. I have been known to pay for a book if a friend recommends it, but I like a bargain too.

In other news, the world is still in the shit soup.  We are facing the consequences of a hasty reopening after COVID lockdown, consequences that may include yet another lockdown since we've allowed what is being called a surge to happen...with daily increases in the virus exceeding any prior …

Thinking of E reading

I'm a voracious reader, have been since I was a child. I was born into a TV free household, where management insisted 'The Man' was behind TV, and that our thoughts and reactions and habits were subject to undue influence if we watched.  At the time I resented that we were the only people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD without a TV, but now I respect and understand the wisdom behind that decision.

Our bookshelves were loaded with everything from art history to social commentary to mysteries to science fiction to gardening references. I read everything, all of it, in spite of my young age. I have reread some of the early tomes, and realize I missed much of the intent of the authors due to my lack of maturity at the time, but since I've reread them, I got it later.

Anyway, I love to read. I also love to write, mostly because I love to read - they're connected in my mind.  A few years back I got a library card, and am a frequent flyer at our neighborhood branch. I take my backp…

The write stuff?

At the beginning of last week (Week 1 of this self-imposed distancing extravaganza attempt to flatten the curve and slow that bitch of a virus down at least a little in the short term) I was touching base with friends. There was texting, there were phone calls. There was communication of one sort or another.

As you may know if you've been reading my blog for any period of time, I am, at heart, a writer. Always have been.  When I was in grade school and we'd have to write something, I would be jumping for joy and outlining and plotting. I guess writing is my first and possibly enduringly most powerful artistic outlet. I was born with the urge.

This urge has powered me through a career, has provided a therapeutic outlet, and remains a soothing pastime even now. So it's no surprise, when faced with the prospect of time and space unfilled with the normal clinic, patient care stuff I thought about writing.

An aside. My son is encouraging me to write about my mid-life shift fro…

I am wearing shoes today

I thought you should all know I decided to wear shoes today. Real shoes, with laces and everything.

Most days, now, I hang out in my Minnetonka moccasin slippers most of the time. When it comes time to prepare a meal, I don my trusty Dansko clogs, which keep my feet and back happy while I cook. Our tile floors are nice, but they are treacherous on backs and my feet are always cold.

So I have the two favs lined up side by side, right outside my closet, for easy donning. Slip on, slip off, slip on, and so on.

The ritual of (post shower/grooming), slipping on footies, then getting into my favorite Keds? Well it represents forward movement of a sort. It means 'hey world, I am ready to meet and greet you, no matter what gives today.'

Or something like that.

Also, today is a jeans day. With a real (not sports) bra, and a real (not technical gear) blouse.

Bring it.

I am ready for whatever comes my way.

Huge hugs,


I've become a reluctant groomer

It has come to my attention that I am lazy when it comes to grooming, these days.

Let me be clear - I always wash up, via sink baths and such, but have spent less quality time immersed in or under a stream of hot water in the last two weeks.

I'm not sure why this is, but feel that 'adjusting to the new normal', wherein we socialize virtually and isolate intentionally to slow the spread of this horrid virus, plays a role. I don't like change, I guess, and this reality represents change on a level my generation hasn't yet experienced. Until now.

I've also noticed that when I do groom, I kinda go over the top with it. I seem to be an all or nothing girl right now. I'm either fully plucked, shaved, exfoliated, moisturized, mascaraed, lipsticked, perfumed, or I'm pretty raw. Always flossed and brushed, always wearing deodorant (I'm not an ANIMAL, y'all), always moisturized and possibly SPFd, but the plucking and shaving stuff...seems to be less of a…


Mid week, week 2.

Here we are, making the best of social distancing. The governor just declared our state an emergency, so the distancing is mandatory, which I totally support. It's odd, though, to be a health care professional but deemed non-essential. It makes sense, but it stings a little. Does that make sense? I am important, but not emergent important.

But that's not my point.

Having time to think (ruminate?) about life, my choices, my career, etc., has revealed some areas of focus/clarity.

First, I have learned I  am not a work at home person. I need people. I am an extrovert, and a healer, so I really need people. Literally. To do my job. Also, I really like people. Interacting is important to me. The give and take in a normal day is something I've not really thought too much about since becoming a D.O.M., it simply is. Well, now that it's not, I am missing it all. A lot.

Second, as the big relief package takes effect, I am concerned. I am an Independent Contra…